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Mock Trial is just what it sounds like: fake trial. Teams analyze extensive facts and evidence concerning a criminal or civil case and use it to craft a court case that includes opening statements, witness examinations, and closing arguments. Meanwhile, across the nation, hundreds of other teams are doing the exact same thing for the same case. Teams then travel to try their cases against other teams in front of "judges" and "jurors."


The 2021-2022 case was a criminal case where the defendant Dakota Sutcliffe was being tried for aggravated arson. Their bar burned down the same day they had loan payments due...did they burn their own bar down?? We bring this case to life with lively witnesses, asking questions, and articulating legal arguments.

The American Mock Trial Association (AMTA) distributes all case materials to its members annually and control the national competition bracket. Check out the AMTA website for more information!

Screen Shot 2022-04-29 at 3.22.27 PM.png

One of our teams at a tournament online!


The larger team splits into “mini-teams” of 6-8 people. Each works on preparing both sides (plaintiff/prosecution and defense) of the case. Each side calls 3 witnesses and has 3 lawyers arguing. Direct examinations, cross examinations, opening statements, and closing arguments are given *almost* just like you’ve seen in Law & Order. After weeks of prep, we travel together to schools all over the east coast and try our case against other teams. At each competition, teams perform in 4 rounds: two defense, two prosecution/ plaintiff. With Zoom trials (hopefully not, fingers crossed), we reserve different rooms on campus so that we can still compete together!

Past destinations include University of Pennsylvania, Columbia University, and Yale University. Each season ends with the national championship series, beginning with Regionals. Should a team make it past Regionals, they move on to the Open Round Championship Series (ORCS), and then hopefully to Nationals!

Read about William & Mary Mock Trial's competetive history!

Screen Shot 2022-04-29 at 3.45.03 PM.png

Some of our defense witnesses at in-person ORCs in Washington D.C.!


Are you:

  • full of creative ideas?

  • a good public speaker?

  • a non-public speaker who likes learning?

  • interested in law?

  • down for some road trips?

  • a believer in justice?

  • a W&M student?

  • a team player?

  • a haver of fun?

...if yes to ANY of these, go learn how to join!

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