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"What if I have no experience?"

It's not a problem! While some people are lucky to come to W&M from colleges or high schools with mock programs, we know that good pre-college programs are hard to come by. Some of our members have experience doing other public speaking or argumentation activities (e.g. debate, forensics). Equally as many had no experience with any such activities before college. With a willingness to put in hard work, anybody can be a nationally competetive mocker.

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Team dinner at a tournament in South Carolina!

"What is the time commitment like?"

It varies. At a minimum, the team gets together twice a week on Thursday nights at 7 and Sundays at 1. For a couple of weeks leading up to competitions, groups of members may choose to meet up to 3 days a week to prepare. Most of our members are involved in several other on-campus activities, including Greek Life, as well as have jobs on or off campus. While mock does require a certain level of dedication, we are ultimately a group of students who strive to make sure mock practices fit into a busy college schedule.

In addition to weekly practices, mock does have our members traveling on some weekends beginning in October. Tournaments are generally two days, Saturday and Sunday; we leave campus on Friday afternoons to ensure no one misses class, and stay in hotels near the tournament site. If someone has a compelling reason to skip out on a travel tournament, the team can work around it.

"Does it cost anything?"

Like many on-campus groups, we require members to pay dues. Typical dues are $100 a year. However, we want to make sure that no one's financial situation holds them back from participating; should a member be unable to pay, they can make other arrangements by anonymously consulting a coach. ​

On top of dues, it's worth noting that members generally wear suits to court. While owning a suit is an investment that will pay off outside the mock-world, we understand that it can be a financial hurdle to purchase one. Therefore, arrangements can be made with the president to make sure everyone is dressed to impress, even on a tight budget.

"Do I have to be interested in law or politics?"

Nope! Our team includes students of every discipline, from law to English to biology. 

"Will mock help me get into law school?"

The most important factors in determining whether you get into law school are your GPA and your LSAT score.  Although mock trial cannot compensate for a weak academic record, law schools understand that students with a mock trial background are a step ahead in terms of knowledge of legal rules and procedures, communication skills and critical thinking ability. Some law schools offer scholarships to students who receive individual recognition at the national level.


Some of our defense attorneys at Regionals!

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