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What if I have no experience?

No problem! Our team has lots of people who joined with no experience! We'll teach you everything you need to know once you're here! Anyone who's willing to learn can do mock trial and do it well.


Teammates enjoying an end-of-year banquet

What is the time commitment like?

The team practices every Thursday and Sunday for two hours. Outside of that it depends. Some weeks there may not be much to be done outside of practices but some weeks you will be expected to meet up with individuals on your team or work by yourself to prepare. The workload is flexible based on the roles you chose to take on. Team members do have to commit time to mock trial, but we try and be as flexible as possible, and you'll have plenty of time for other activities outside of Mock!

Does Mock Trial cost money?

 ​There are fees to be a part of Mock Trial, just like many campus orgs. Typically, dues are about $100, but the program is committed to making it accessible for everyone! Members may anonymously consult coaches or work to devise solutions if this fee poses an issue.

Do I have to be interested in law or politics?

Nope! Our team includes students of every discipline, from law to english to biology, and many of our members do not intend to go to law school. 

"Will mock help me get into law school?"

The most important factors in determining whether you get into law school are your GPA and your LSAT score.  Mock can help show interest in the legal profession and add to your extracurriculars, but it is unlikely to be the determining factor in where you get admitted.


One of our teams having fun after a round!

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