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Q: So why do you dedicate time to arguing about fake crimes?
A: Because we do so with a crazy-fun, dedicated, wonderful group of people!


A team celebrating during a tournament!

Our team is incredibly close! Every year, between the hard work and competitions, our group becomes way more than just a team. You'll find some of your best friends in Mock Trial, and make tons of incredible memories!

Campus Activities

William & Mary organizations host hundreds of activities during the year, many of which allow people to team up with their friends to compete in the name of philanthropy. Mock Trial represents itself heavily at these events and you can always count on us to be there!

Way-Off-Campus Activities

Several times per semester, our team gets to travel to other schools, where we compete against teams from all over the east coast. Teams often stay together in AirBNBs and spend lots of time hanging out and having fun after competition is done for the day. Teams have been known to watch scary movies, play board games, and make ice cream sundaes together!


A team celebrating Halloween with their favorite candies


Mockers compete in a mini golf tournament on campus

Intramural Sports

At W&M, any student can participate in Intramural Sports, given they have someone to play on their team! Sometimes we play sports like volleyball

Mock Trial Formal and Social Life

Mock trial is about more than competition. Throughout the year you'll find us having power point night, hosting gift exchanges, playing Mock Trial assassins, getting together for a celebratory formal in the spring, and much more! Everyone in mock trial supports each other! If you're part of an organization throwing a fundraiser or event you can always count on your teammates to be there. One of our favorites is supporting our talented singers at Wren 10s!


A moment from Spring Formal

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