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Q: So why do you dedicate hours of your life to arguing about fake crimes?

A: Because we do so with a crazy-fun, dedicated, wonderful group of people.


Our team is incredibly close. It's hard not to become so when pouring our hearts out about law, testing out witness accents, and trying hard to make each other fake cry. Every year, though, between the hard work and competitions, our group becomes way more than just a team. We become a family.

Campus Activities

William & Mary organizations host hundreds of activities during the year, many of which allow people to team up with their friends to compete in the name of philanthropy. Mock Trial represents itself heavily at these events and you can always count on us to be there!

Way-Off-Campus Activities

Several times per semester, our team gets to travel to other schools, where we compete against teams from all over the east coast. It's arguable what the best part of travelling is: getting to meet people from other schools, or getting to cram ourselves onto tiny hotel beds to watch YouTube videos together. Travel is also compensated by the school and by dues!


Intramural Sports

At W&M, any student can participate in Intramural Sports, given they have someone to play on their team! Sometimes we sign up for a sport such as volleyball, which we've done in the past!

To learn more about Intramurals, check out

Random Outings

Snow day? You'll find us playing impromptu spikeball on the Sunken Gardens. Dancing in an end-of-the-semester recital? Your teammates will be there to support you. Your sorority organizing campus golf? We'll play. Christmas break soon? The team gets together for a Christmas feast. Graduating soon? Mock trial can't wait for you to visit us at homecoming.

Mock makes life-long friends. Even though we compete, we always cheer each other on.

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